A blog site dedicated to pharmacy and being a pharmacy technician is bound to generate a lot of interest. This is simply because there is a great demand for pharmacies and pharmacy technicians all over the world today. People have access to advanced health care facilities leading to increased mortality rates and an increase in the average age of population of most countries. This has led to a demand for more health care centres, pharmacies and people who run them.

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The first section of our site is focussed on pharmacies in general, their role in health care, how to manage inventories, the responsibilities of a pharmacist and many such updates. The second section is dedicated to being a pharmacy technician which today is a very well paying and lucrative career. Through our blogs visitors can know about educational qualifications needed for being a pharmacy technician in different environments such as retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and those catering to mail orders. We also have blogs that give in detail the job responsibilities in each of them.

What makes our site a cut above others in our niche is the experience and expertise of the writers on our team who are not merely generic bloggers. Each one is in some way related to this field – either as a pharmacy owner, an administrator or even as instructors in institutions providing pharmacy courses. Hence all our blogs are authentic and high on credibility with updated news, information and even interesting trivia related to this area. Our editors too go through every blog with a fine toothcomb before it is posted on our site. This ensures that all information provided by us is accurate in all respects.

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